Subscribed Print Journals

Academic Journals (English)

Sl. No Title Publisher
1 Africa Quarterly ICCR (ceased Publication)
2 African and Asian Studies Brill Academic Publishers
3 Alternatives Sage Publication
4 American Economic Journal: Applied Economic American Economic Association 
5 American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics  American Economic Association 
6 American Economic Journal: Microeconimics American Economic Association 
7 American Economic Journal: Economic Policy American Economic Association 
8 American Economic Review +JEL+JEP+Paper& Proc American Economic Association
9 American Historical Review  The University of Chicago Press 
10 American journal of Psychology  University of Illinois Press
11 American Journalism Review University of Maryland Foundation
12 American Philosophical Quarterly University of Illinois Press
13 American Scientist  American Scientist
14 Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute  The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
15 Anthropological Linguistics  The Trustees of Indiana Universitiey
16 Antiquity  University of Durham
17 Archaeology. Archaeological Institute of America, Boston University 
18 Asian Survey (USA) University of California Press
19 Asian Theatre Journal University of Hawai Press
20 Biblio Biblio Charitable Trust
21 Book Review The Book Review literary Trust
22 Brahmavidya: Adyar Library Bulletin  The Adyar Library and Research Centre
23 Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education  Sri Aurobindo Ashram
24 Canadian Journal of Philosophy  Canadian Association for Publishing in Philosophy
25 China Report Sage Publications
26 Cognitive Psychology Elsevier
27 Comparative Literature Studies  Penn State University Press
28 Contemporary Literature University of Wisconsin Press
29 Contributions to Indian Sociology Sage Publication
30 Critical Inquiry University of Chicago Press
31 Critique of Anthropology Sage Publication
32 Current Anthropology University of Chicago Press
33 Current Science Current Science Association (life membership)
34 Daedalus (American Academy of Art and Sciences) MIT Press 
35 Development Society for International Development
36 Dhih Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies
37 Eastern Anthropologist Serials Publications
38 Economic and Political Weekly Sameeksha Trust 
39 Environmental Ethics University of North Texas
40 ETC:A Review of General Semantics  International Society for General Semantics
41 Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy. The University of Chicago Press
42 Feminism and Psychology Sage Publication
43 Foreign Affairs Council on Foreign Relations
44 Frontier Kasturi and sons Ltd.
45 Gandhi Marg (Eng) Gandhi Santi Pratishthan
46 Gender Technology and Development Sage Publication
47 Grassroots The press Institute of India (available Online)
48 Guide to Indian Periodical Literature  Annual Indian Documentation Service 
49 Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies Harvard-Yenching Institute
50 Himal The South Asia Trust
51 Himalayan and Central Asian Studies Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation
52 History of Political thought (UK) Imprint Academic
53 History of Religions  The University of Chicago Press 
54 History of the Human Sciences Sage Publication
55 Hudson Review The Hudson Review 
56 IASLIC Bulletin  IASLIC
57 Idealistic Studies: an interdisciplinary journal of Philosophy  Philosophy Documentation Centre 
58 India Quarterly: a Journal of International Affairs   Indian Council of World Affairs
59 Indian Archaeolgy: a Review  Archaeological Survey of India 
60 Indian Archives  National Archives of India 
61 Indian Book Chronicle S.B. Gupta
62 Indian Economic and Social History Review Sage Publication
63 Indian Economic Journal  Indian Economic Association
64 Indian Economic Review  University of Delhi
65 Indian Folklore Research Journal National Folklore Support Centre
66 Indian Historical Review Indian Council of Historical Research
67 Indian Horizons ICCR. New Delhi
68 Indian Horticulture Indian Coucil of Agriculture Reseasch
69 Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics  Bahri Publications
70 Indian Journal of Economics  University of Allahabad
71 Indian Journal of Gender Studies  Sage Publication
72 Indian journal of History of Science  Indian National Science Academy
73 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations  Shri Ram Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources
74 Indian Journal of Labour Economics  University of Bombay
75 Indian Library Association Bullletin Indian Library Association
76 Indian Linguistics  Linguistics Society of India 
77 Indian Literature   Sahitya Akademi
78 Indica Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture
79 Indo-Iranian journal  Brill Academic Publishers
80 International Philosophical Quarterly  Philosophy Documentation Centre
81 International Studies Sage Publication
82 Islam and the Modern age  Zakir Hussain Institute of Islamic Studies 
83 Journal of Commonwealth Literature Sage Publication
84 Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics Visvanatha kaviraja Institute 
85 Journal of Economic Literature American Economic Association
86 Journla of Economic Perspective American Economic Association
87 Journal of Enterpreneurship Sage Publications 
88 Journal of Field Archaeology  Boston University
89 Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research Indian Council of Philosophical Research 
90 Journal of Indian Writing of English  Dr. G.S.Balarama Gupta, Gulbarga 
91 Journal of Indo- European Studies University of Texas
92 Journal of International Affairs  Columbia University
93 Journal of Modern History  The University of Chicago Press
94 Journal of Philosophy  Columbia University
95 Journal of Political Economy The University of Chicago Press 
96 Journal of Religion  The University of Chicago Press 
97 Journal of Rural Development  National Institute of Rural Development
98 Journal of the American Oriental Society American Oriental Society, Ann Arbor Michigan.
99 Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society Dr. Ashok Kothari for Bombay Natural History Society
100 Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient  Brill Academic Publishers
101 Journal of the History of Ideas  University of Pennsylvania Press 
102 Journal of the History of Philosophy  The John Hopkins University
103 Journal of the History of Sexuality University of Texas
104 Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society Jawahar Lal Nehru University
105 Journal of the Numismatic Society of India  Indian Anthropological Society
106 Journal of the School of language, Literature and Culture Studies Indian Council of Historical Research
107 Kant Studien (Germany) Walter de Gruyter GmbH & co
108 Language  Linguistic Society of America
109 Litcrit (Trivandrum) Joyce Rajan
110 Literary Criterion  Literary Criterion Centre
111 Literature and History  Manchester Univ. Press
112 London Review of Books Colin Robinson
113 Man and Development  Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development
114 Man and Environment  Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies
115 Man In India Serials Publications
116 Marg  Marg Foundation, Silverpoint Press
117 Medival History Journal Sage Publication 
118 MIMS India MIMS
119 Modern Fiction Studies  The John Hopkins University
120 Modern Philology The University of Chicago Press
121 Monist Hegeler Institute
122 Monthly Public Opinion Surveys  Indian Institute of Public Opinion
123 Mother India Sri Aurobindo Ashram
124 Nature Nature Publishing Group
125 New Left Review  New Left Review Ltd
126 New Literary History The John Hopkins University
127 New Scientist Reed Business Information
128 New York Review of Books Rea S. Hederman
129 Numen Brill Academic Publishers
130 October MIT Press 
131 Oriental Art Oriental Art Magazine (Available on digital form)
132 Paris Review Paris Review Foundation
133 People's Democracy Prakash Karat for the communist Party
134 Philosopher's Index Philosophers Information Centre (print edition ceased, available on line )
135 Philosophy and Literature  The John Hopkins University
136 Philosophy East and West  University of Hawai Press
137 Philosophy of the Social Sciences Sage Publication 
138 PMLA Modern Language Association of America
139 Poetry Poetry Foundation
140 Political Science Quarterly  Academy of Policy Science
141 Politics and Society  Sage Publication
142 Prabuddha Bharata  Advaita Ashrama 
143 Pragdhara U.P. State Arcaeology Deptt.
144 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society  American Philosophical Society Pennsylvania
145 Proceedings of the Indian History Congress  Indian History Congress
146 Psychologia  Psychologia Society 
147 Psychology and Developing Societies  Sage Publication
148 Quarterly Economic Report  Indian Instituted of Public Opinion
149 Race and Class Sage Publication
150 Representations University of California Press
151 Sangeet Natak Sangeet Natak Academi
152 Science and Culture Indian Science News Association
153 Science and Society  Guilford Press
154 Seminar Romesh Raja Trust 
155 Semoitica Walter de Gruyter GmbH & co
156 Sewanee Review The John Hopkins University
157 Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Soc The University of Chicago Press 
158 Sikh Review Sikh Cultural Centre 
159 Social Action Social Action Trust 
160 Social Scientiest Tulika Print
161 Socialist  Perspective Coucil for Political Studies
162 Sociological Bulletin  Indian Sociological Society
163 South Asian Journal (Pakistan) South Asia Free Media Association
164 Studies in History Jawaharlal Nehru University
165 Studies in Humanities  and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Advanced Study
166 Studies in zoth and zist Century Literature Kamsas State University (Print edition ceased)
167 Summer Hill Indian Institute of Advanced Study
168 Telos Telos Press Publishing
169 Technology and culture  The John Hopkins University
170 Thesis Elevan: Critical theory of Historical Sociology Sage Publication
171 Tibet Journal Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
172 Time Higher Ecucation Supplement TSL Education
173 Time Literary Suppliment Time Literary Suppliment Ltd 
174 Triveni The Triveni Foundation
175 University News  Association of India Universities
176 Vanya Jati Bhratiya Adimjati Sevak Sangh
177 Vidhure Press Institute of India
178 Vikalpa Indian Institute of Managemenet
179 World Literature Today  University of Oklahoma
180 Yale Law Journal Yale Law Journal Company
181 Yojana(Eng) Soochna Bhavan