New Arrivals

New Arrivals in the month of August 2015


Sl No Title Author Year Publisher
1 Ghummakad shastr Sankratayan, Rahul 2014 Kitab Mahal
2 Current controversies in virtue theory Alfano, Mark 2015 Routledge
3 Descartes: the project of pure enquiry Williams, Bernard 2015 Routledge Classics
4 Experimental philosophy, rationalism, and naturalism: rethinking philosophical method Fischer, Eugen 2015 Routledge
5 Kant Guyer, Paul 2014 Routledge
6 Knowledge: the philosophical quest in history Fuller, Steve 2015 Routledge
7 Modernity, metatheory and the temporal- spatial divide: from mythos to techne Kimaid, Michael 2015 Routledge
8 Jacques Derrida: key concepts Colabrook, Claire 2015 Routledge
9 Music and aesthetic reality: formation and the limits of description Zangwill, Nick 2015 Routledge
10 On humanism Norman, Richard 2012 Routledge
11 Neo-Kantian reader Luft, Sebastian 2015 Routledge
12 Pursuit of history: aims, methods and new directions in the study of history Tosh, John 2015 Routledge
13 Routledge philosophy guidebook to Wittgenstein and on certainty Hamilton, Andy 2014 Routledge
14 Social equality: on what it means to be equals Fourie, Carina 2015 Oxford University Press
15 Feminist theory and the study of folklore Hollis, Susan Tower 1993 University of Illinois Press
16 Transgressive tales: queering the grimms Turner, Kay 2012 Wayne State University Press
17 Fairy tale mothers Lundell, Torborg 1990 P. Lang
18 Wealth and poverty of nations: why some are so rich and some so poor Landes, David S. 1999 W. W. Norton and Company
19 Naked Seeing: the great perfection, the wheel of time, and visionary Buddhism in renaissance Tibet Hatchell, Christopher 2014 Oxford University Press
20 Whole earth thinking and planetary coexistence: ecological wisdom at the intersection of Religion, Ecology and Philosophy Mickey, Sam 2016 Routledge
21 Kant's lectures on anthropology: a critical guide Cohen, Alix 2014 Cambridge University Press
22 Imagining Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat in the transnational era Roy, Anjali Gera 2015 Routledge
23 Parsing through customs: essays by a Freudian folklorist Dundes, Alan 1987 University of Wisconsin Press
24 Fairytale as art form and portrait of man Luthi, Max 1984 Indiana University Press
25 Gandhi's rise to power: Indian politics 1915-1922 Brown, Judith M 1972 Cambridge University Press
26 Interviews with Edward W. Said; conversations with Said, Edward W. 2004 University Press of Mississippi
27 Memory, narrative, and identity: new essays in ethnic American literatures Singh, Amritjit 1994 Northeastern University Press
28 Rivers: a very short introduction Middleton, Nick 2012 Oxford University Press
29 Historiography of the modern social sciences Backhouse, Roger E. 2014 Cambridge University Press
30 Anviksiki Tiwari, Devendra nath 2011 Department of Philosophy and Religion
31 Tritiyadikshant samaroah   1993 Khandelwal Press
32 Nagoya studies in Indian culture and Buddhism: Sambhasa Indian Philosophy, Department of 2004 Department of Indian Philosophy, University of Nagoya
33 Review of rare buddhist texts Upadhyaya, Jagannath 1986 Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies.
34 Dhih: journal of rare buddhist texts research unit Bahulkar, S. S. 2009 Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies.
35 Yamunacaryas samvitsiddhi: Kritische edition, Ubersetzung und Anmerkungen mit einem Rekonstruktionsversuch der verlorenen Abschnitte Mesquita, Roque 1988 der Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften,
36 Sesher kobita: the last poem Tagore, Rabindranath 2006 Rupa Publication
37 Behind the mask: the cultural definition of the legal subject in colonial Bengal (1775-1911) Mukhopadhyay, Anindita 2012 Oxford University Press
38 Scaling the heights: social inclusion and sustainable development in Himachal Pradesh Das, Maitreyi Bordia 2015 World Bank Group